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Hidden Window - A Personalized Video Experience

Don't Forget to clear your history.

"the future of film is here"

- petr john

"an experience you'll never forget"

- jeff dafoe

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Hidden Window

Hidden Window is the hit cult thriller that forever changed the movie-watching landscape and evolved how films are meant to be viewed. Download the first episode in the series to experience how it breaks down the wall between the audience viewing and the audience participating. By asking people to unknowingly film a friend and put them right into the narrative, Hidden Window takes you to a cinematic world you’ll remember long after the credits roll.

Once the recipient watches the first installment in the series, they can then become immersed in the Hidden Window universe even further – and bring you along for the ride as they upload content to complete the story and send it back. No other film in the history of cinema has taken a bolder approach to user-driven storytelling. Download it today!

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